Welcome to the World of Annydwyr

The World of Annydwyr (Pronounced: An-nid-wier) is a land of embittered races, jealous Gods, and magic fearing people. It is vastley dominated by humanity, and the elder races struggle to retain a place in the world under the crushing dominance of the human empires. It is a land of ancient mystery and wonder, a realm of war and strife, and the battle ground for the Gods of Men and the Ancient spirits of the earth itself.
Dark woods
It is a land where beauty abounds, and the ancient mysteries of the Earth Mother await to be reawakened or abolished entirely. It is a land of harsh faith and miraculous wonder, where supplicants burn witches at the stake, and great miracles can be called upon by the mightiest temples. It is a realm of harsh reality, where cause and consequence is beyond the scope of even the Gods to thwart.

It is a world where the temples control the divine, where the very earth itself is alive and aware, and a world where rivers flow red with blood from the wars of the races that dwell upon it.

Welcome to the World of Annydwyr.


The world of the Annydwyr setting is unique in several ways. Many of the familiar trappings of the Dungeons & Dragons game are missing or turned on their heads. I have long since abandoned the futile efforts to keep everything within original and unique. I have twisted, altered, restructured, and out right plagarised as required in order to shape a world that I wanted to play in. As such, some things will certainly be familiar to the reader, but do not assume too much – I have manipulated things to my own end more often than not.

Newcomers to Annydwyr have much to learn about the world, its people, and its monsters if they are to survuve its harsh rigors. Read on friends, and beware…

Annydwyr at a Glance

Limits of the System

The Underboughs Hold Campaigns are the catch phrase for all the D&D campaigns that take place within the homebrewed world of Annydwyr. Rather than duplicate the Wiki on each specific campaign page, I have chosen to use a central location for the world and rules details and create seperate “linked” campaigns for the individual stories that occur within it.

The default “Adventure Log” of this Obsidian Portal campaign page will be used as a Campaign World blog, and these forums will follow suit as discussion for the world as a greater whole. The subcampaigns listed below will be formatted in the usual traditional Obsidian Portal fashion.

Campaigns within Annydwyr

1) A Thousand Shades of Grey
- The first campaign set in 4E Annydwyr in which the characters discover that not is all that it seems, and that destiny often times draws heavily upon history. The morale of the story: “History is written by the victors” or more fittingly “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

2) The Reavers of Harkenwold
- The second 4E Annydwyr campaign in which the characters discover that sometimes the devil you know is worse than the one you don’t. Alternatively, “Sometimes the bad guys don’t wear black hats.”

The Underboughs Hold Campaigns

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