The Underboughs Hold Campaigns

The Story is the key

Chris Perkins posts another great article on the fine art of DMing and campaign building.

The Storytelling King

Skill Challenge

An interesting article on spicing up skill challenges:
New Skill Challenge Mechanics

Mandatory Reading

Chris Perkins hits the nail on the head in this article. This one is a mandatory read:

The Dungeon Master Experience Archive | 1/19/2012

Campaign Log to Blog!

Introduction of Intent

So, today I finally got around to moving my original campaign over to it’s own Obsidian Portal pages, and plan to turn the The Underboughs Hold Campaign pages into a Campaign Guide and Players Rule Book for the homebrew world of Anyydwyr. (We’ll see how that goes; only been trying to accomplish a finished Campaign Guide since 1982. Don’t be hating!! How many scribblers of notes do you have? I mean really…) All actual table sessions/specific campaigns will forthwith be linked from the “Home” page found herein.

Rather than leave the Adventure Log section here empty, I thought I would use it to be a rudimentary blog for my own ranting and ravings. Feel free to comment or add your own posts as you wish of course. (I’m not so foolish as to believe that anyone other than myself and perhaps a handful of my players will read this however, so no worries – I know I’m talking to myself. It makes me feel better though, so please bear with me.) :)

Your mileage may vary.


- Ravidell “the Black”
aka Morgramen
aka Some Guy named Keith.


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