Annydwyr 4E Player Races

Annydwyr 4E Player Races

The Bolded Race name is the core rule entry in the published material. Italicized and bracketed “Slang” names are Annydwyr specific nomenclature, and are typically how each race is refered to in the world. In each case, the Core Rules Race follows the mechanics as detailed in the source material, and it is only the “fluff” that is specific to Annydwyr.

If the race is not on this list, then it may not be played in an Annydwyr game without prior DM consent.

Changeling: “Slang: Shifter, Doppleganger, Changeling”
As per the Eberron Players Guide. The Changeling race is little known amongst the human kingdoms, but is a popular in human folklore. Essentially scattered and isolated from others of their kind, the Changelings are only populous in Nicodemia, where they serve powerful Overlords as slave spies and assassins.

Dragonborn: “Slang: Lizardman, the Greenblooded”
As per the Players Handbook. The Annydwyr Dragonborn hail from the far southern jungles, and are rare in the extreme further north. They are cold blooded, and do not do well outside the steaming jungles of the far south. They hate Tieflings, and the two civilizations have warred themselves to near extinction over the ages. They build great pyramids in their spare time and consider themselves great trophy hunters. You can often escape them by laying in the cold mud.

Dwarves (Dwaerlinga, Tobrukla): “Slang: Dwarf, Rockbiter”
As per the Players Handbook Core rules. The Tobrukla are closely tied to the natural elements of the earth, and their prayers and magic is based upon the binding of elementals into their craft and creations.

Elves (Seldarine): “Slang: the Vaeltyr, Sidhe, Illyd, Elf”
As per the Players Handbook Core Rules. Think of them as the elves of Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings movie (Elrond specifically). They are a grim and fatalistic people, whose Goddess has been destroyed, whose very race has been sundered, and whose earthly Kingdoms have been fractured and splintered. Though still fae, the “elves” are much more earth bound, as is their realm. There are some elves who are not content to sit and watch as their dominance over Annydwyr wanes, and wage a guerrilla war against humanity known as the Gheallie Sedhie.
For information on why Eladrin and Drow are not on this list, refer to: Demise of the Earth Mother.

Githzerai (Malden): “Slang: Gnome, Gutterrat, Gith”
The Githzerai of Annydwyr are not tied to the etheric plane, pscionics, or the Githyanki. Rather, they are a ruddy yellow skinned people, whose bodies seem as pliable as rubber. Limber in the extreme, the Malden are natural contortionists. A shattered race, they have lost much of their culture and heritage and now exist primarily as a slave race to the Kalidorian peoples. Though present (but not populous) in other realms, they are treated with at least some level of disdain. In all of Annydwyr, it is only within the City State of Nephythus where a Malden Gith can except to find at equal treatment at the very least. Within Nephythus, the Malden are actually viewed as a sacred race, due chiefly to the fact that the Living Goddess has taken them into Her care as servants and disciples of Her faith.

Goliath: “Slang: Half Giant, Grugg”
Players Handbook 2/Darksun Campaign). As described in the Darksun Campaign. Bane of Dwarves, and abundant in the Northwall WIlderness and the Deymourne Mountains.

Gnome (Alendverri): “Slang: Guilders, Binders, Hordeling, Snake oilers”
As described in the Core Rules (PHB2). The gnomes of Annydwyr however roam the world in loosely affiliated caravan guilds, their trade routes being determined by the Constellations and the phases of the moon.

Halflings (Mitaani): “Slang: Wildling, Badger, Earth Dog”
As per the Players Handbook Core Rules. The Halflings of Annydwyr are savage and tribal creatures. Ferrel and dangerous, they roam the wilds of their homeland in the far north east of Annydwyr. Smaller tribes of Mitaani can be found in the wilderlands between the civilized realms.

Half-Elf: (Duendine): “Slang: Ranger”
As per the Players Handbook Core Rules. The result of the ancient unions between the elves and humans, the Duendine lines are now largely extinct. There are few lineages that can still trace their origins back through the ages now however, and most half elves are indiscernible from a typical human. Those “pure-blood” Duendine that still exist however, tend to enjoy a lasting youth, and do not show nor suffer the ravages of their age.

Humans: “Subraces: Kheltyran, Cylwranic, Valglaren, Madrillan”
As per the Players Handbook Core Rules. There are many “subraces” of humans throughout Annydwyr, each with their own culture and beliefs, but for game purposes they are treated as a single race. (Differentiate through “Racial Backgrounds”). Humans are easily the dominant race upon Annydwyr, despite the fact that they are amongst the “youngest” of the races.

Half-Orcs: “Slang: Uruk, Beastmen, Hobgoblin”
(Players Handbook 2) Abundant throughout Isgarand and Lieutenants in the Dark Armies of Mardurak. The half orc has become a self propagating race since they were first bred by the Dark God Sulnika. Also found in Harbaron, the Melravian Isles, and the Hersikan Coast.

Revenants: “Slang: Ghosts, Ghoul, Spectre, Crow”
(Dungeon Magazine 376) Extremely rare and almost unknown, but legends tell of those poor souls wronged so badly in life, that their souls refuse to rest, while others make mention of mortals who bargained with Demons, Devils, and Death Herself, and now serve through “unlife”.

Shifters: “Slang: Beastmen, Lycan, Shadowsworn, Shadowrought”
(Players Handbook 2) These poor souls are cursed with a bestial hue to their blood and this primal heritage caused them to be cast from society as monsters. Though appearing as a bestial human, they have a nasty tendency to grow more animalistic when angry or in danger, and so have the legends of Lycanthropy evolved.

Tielfings: “Slang: The Horned, Demon, Devil, Tainted”
Common only in Nicodemia and Savaria, the Tiefling race must disguise their appearance almost universally, as in any land other than those mentioned, they are taken for devils and demons and hunted down. They are servants to the Nicodemian Overlords, or hold some small amount of power within the Savarian Jungles. They dislike the Dragonborn, but tend to despise humans more than anything else.

Annydwyr 4E Player Races

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