Annydwyr Pantheon

Gods & Religion

The Gods of Annydwyr are neither omnipotent nor omniscient. Thematically based on Roman & Greek mythology, they dabble in the lives of mortals for their own ends and choose mortal champions as game pieces on a board.

The “Old Faith” is the family of Gods, Demigods, demons & angels that formed the mythology of Annydwyr before the coming of men. When the first clans of men landed upon the shores of Annydywr, they brought with them the “new” Gods of the mortal world- Mosada, Anacarn, and others, and the faith of the “Old World” is slowly being replaced by the “New Religion” of Men.

Divine Power Source

Typical Divine spell power comes from the temples rather than directly from the god. A priest must be ordained by a temple to receive divine power, and excommunication severs this connection. Alignment is not tied to spellcasing or divine power. In the same vein, a God may “choose” a favoured champion (ala Hercules and Calibos), and grant them favours or divine blessings. “The Prohphet/Chosen One becomes possible.

Bloodlines and wonderous beasts arise from the Gods “interbreeding” with the mortal races of the world just as Zeus and Loki appeared in mortal form. Other powerful creatures mimic the awnsheigh of Birthright, being born of a union of God and beast, or evolved from their own lust as a result of the earth being conscious.

The Pantheon


5 stars of mosadaLawful Good
Bahmut/Avandra Domains
“The Platinum”
Greater Deity

The master of the east, Mosada is the primary patron of the human realms of the civilized world (Agladarn, Kalidor, Endorna and Valencia). He represents Law in its purest form, Order through pursuit of the law, War to enforce that law and Strength enough to dispense justice in the name of the law. His a strict and commanding faith, and it forms the pillar of the Feudalistic Manorial system by which mankind was civilized.

His most powerful temples are sprawling cathedrals in the largest Kalidorian cities, and these form the basis of the Mosadaic Faith. From these grand citadels, his Bishops and Cardinals radiate out to other realms in complicated but structured dioceses. The Mosadaic faith recognizes few political boundaries, and has mapped the earth out in accordance to its own realms of influence.

The Five Stars which comprise the Mosadaic Constellation also form the basis of the Mosadaic Holy Symbol, it’s primary religous Orders and are believed to be the five manifestations of Mosada upon the mortal world.

  1. Inytus: The fire star. (Yellow)
  2. Hellistrus: The blood star. (Red)
  3. Pluvirus:The rain star. (Blue)
  4. Gesperus: The sea star. (Green)
  5. Alphorus: The day star. (White)

His commandments are few but interpretted in varying degrees by the mortal faiths:

◊ Law is the foundation of civilization.
◊ Be vigilant against the festering rise of evil and crush it in all its forms with strength and conviction. Bring to justice it’s agents and liberate the subjugated.
◊ Protect the weak and bring order to chaos.


Corellon/Mellors Domains
“The Green”
The Earthmother
Greater Deity

Wife to Moradin, Maelestirith is the Mother of the Old World, and the fae races claim that she brought sentience to it when she grounded her divine power and godly essence into the earth rather than allow it to be usurped by her evil sister Allyntra during their mighty battle. Ever since, Maelestirith’s will has been felt across the world through subtler means and portents, and she is yet revered by many of the races of the world.

She is worshipped in many different forms; nature, weather, the sea, and the mother of magic. Her religions differ greatly, she is both the peaceful forest and the raging storm. Druids, rangers, elves, sailors, and farmers all revere her in some form.


“The Copper”
Lesser Deity

Anacarn was once a powerful servant of Mosada, his Bannerman and Herald. Where Mosada is law and commands strict adherence to his edicts, Anacarn is worshipped as the God of Liberty, Order, and Honour. He is the judge and arbiter, and finds balance between law and freedom. Anacarn prescribes his faithful the freedom to interpret the laws of civilization, encourages self achievement and invention, and encourages advancement of society through the common good.

A relatively young God, his worship is beginning to spread throughout western Agladarn, and has begun displacing the stragglehold that the Mosadaic religion once held amongst the human lands.

Anacarn is revered by the rising middle class – merchants and skilled tradesmen who have begun to cast aside the ideals of feudal obligation.


Kord Domain
“The Silver”
“The Sentinel"
Lesser Deity

Adomma is the Lord of the Hunt, Battle, and Vengence. He is revered amongst many of the barabarian peoples of the world, from the far northern tribes of the Northwall Wilderness to the hard and fierce tribes of the Eribican Steppes.

His law is wrath, and only the mightiest may lay claim to rulership. He is the patron of Thunder and Lightning, the wrath of the sea, and the power of the earthquake. His is to persevere through endurance and fortitude.


MoradinLawful Good
Moradin Domain
“The Adamantine”
Greater Deity

The Old Father, God of Creation, Forging and Making. Together with his wife Maelestirith, the world and heavens were made. He is revered as the father of the Dwarven folk. His ire is legendary amongst the Old Gods, and so to is his lack of patience.

He awoke the Demons when he smote the earth in his grief following the death of his wife, and the force of his hammer strike cast the earth from the heavens and created the Veils between worlds, forever after altering the cosmos.


The Silver Crescent & 24 Seals of TyrelliusLawful Good
Avandra Domain
“The Brass”
Lesser Deity

The God of trade, travel, contracts, invention, and bonds. The Messenger, Collector of Debts, Negotiator, The Sheperd.

He is the will that keeps the laws of the Gods cohesive and binding. Patron of the Alendverra People, they believe Tyrellius will lead them to Latherna and complete their lifes contract with the Raven Queen, and thence to the afterlife upon their death. As Deaths’ escort he is the only god who can truly enter and leave the Underworld without hindrance.

Tyrellius is wed to the Moon Goddess Sehanine, and often works with her.

Tyrellius is the father of horses, for he took their shape for a time and roamed the earth. It was during this time that the first mearas was born. Tales tell that he nearly forgot himself in this form, but was awoken only after Sehanine withdrew herself from the night sky in fury of his bestial passions.


Pelor Domain
“The Gold”
“The Living Goddess”
Fire, Light, Sun
Lesser Deity

Daughter of Sehanine, she was gifted an ember from the Forge Fires of Erakinor by Moradin himself and charged to warm the earth and to bring light to the children of his wife Maelestirith. Thus was did the first dawn occur.

It is also said that she embraced humans and the new which they brought with them. The Queen of the Fallen Dorne Empire, she withdrew from society following the death of her human husband, the Dorne King Gwyrod.

As niece of the Earth Mother, she is revered by the Dwarven clans as a close ally to Tobruk and Moradin.


The Moon Goddess, The Night Warden, Lady Luck, Mother Grief
Sehanine & Ioun Domains
“The Iron”
Lesser Deity

Maelestirith’s sister and wife of Tyrellius, Sehanine urges her followers to seek their own destiny, preferably upon a shadowy path that avoids the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil. Sehanine is something of a trickster and often allies herself with Tyrellius, her husband.

She is the Patron of Magic, and is believed to have been bidden to scribe the Laws of Magic by her husband shortly after the death of Maelestirith, for the mortal races had by then already started harnessing it’s power.

In grief over the death of Maelestirith, Sehanine was the first God to cry, and thus the first rains fell upon the world, creating the oceans and seas. The Halflings were said to have sprung from her tears along with many other races of the world and the moon forever after trailed sprinkling stars and glowing mists known as the Tears of Sehanine, or more commonly, The Moon Tears. Some legends also tell that the Moon Tears formed following Moradins’ charge to her daughter Nephythus to cast light upon the world, for never again would she be able to look upon her daughter.

She is the light in the night, the solstice of seasons, the binder of tides, the mother of grief and that which is lost.


230px moradin symbol   mike schelyGood

The Theign of the Dwarven Kings. Tobruk lead the dwarven people from the slopes of Erackinor following their banishement from the mountain, and taught them the craft of making and binding. Through his efforts, the divine connection to Erackinor was restored, though they were unable to return directly. Tobruk is the founder of the dwarven society and religion.

The son of Moradin through Maelestirith.

The Raven Queen

Lady Death, Mistress Winter, Fates Harbinger, The Mother of Crows.
Raven Queen Domain
Greater Deity

The aspect of death and the executioner of the Fates, the Raven Queen is the natural demise of all things. The Raven Queen is the youngest of the true Gods, and like her daughters, was born outside of their Celestial Court. It is surmised that as such, the Raven Queen is not bound by the same Universal Laws as the rest of the cosmos.

It is said that Maelestirith uttered a single world as she died upon the slopes of that world, and that this word was the name of death – something that had never before existed. In uttering this name, the Raven Queen was born and the Time of Immortality was ended.

The Raven Queen can only claim dominion over death itself, and not over those who have died. Tyrellius is charged with escorting the dead to Latherna where the Raven Queen holds court and it is Her duty to sheperd the souls to the Beyond after her judgment.

The Raven Queen counts few personal enemies (or friends) among the gods; her most hated foe is Orcus, the Demon Prince of the Undead, who constantly schemes to slay her and take her realms as his own.


SulnikaChaotic Evil
Bane/Grummsh Domain
“The Red Claw” “The Great Lord of the Sky” “The Formless One”
Lesser Deity

The patron of the Uruk hordes and goblin clans of Mardurak. His is the realm of domination and subjugation through conquest. He is the wind and the sky. He is the undieing fury and savagery for savagery sake.

His bitter enemy is Moradin, and the two have fought since times beginning. Sulnika is said to exist without form, holding his place in reality with nothing more than his own intense hatred and vileness.


Asmodeus/Tiamat Domain
“The Tiamat”, “The Chromatic”, “The Five Headed”
Greater Deity

Zagranics’ words are tyranny, domination, vengeance, greed and envy. He rules the Underworld (the Nine Hells?)(the opposing astral dominion to Erackinor) with an iron fist and a silver tongue. His law is strict and his punishments harsh. He is the father of drakes and the progenitor of the true dragons.

Worshipped throughout the darker regions of the world, Zagranic holds sway in the vile lands of Nicodemia, where his Priest Kings contrive to conquer only in order to increase their own power.


34 smLawful Evil
Zehir Domain
“The Black”
Lesser Deity

The Goddess of Shadows and all that which dwells in the dark, the Plague Mother, Matron of Poison, Charms, Betrayl and Pestilence. She is the Queen of Lies, Sister of Sulnika, and lover of Mohrl.

The Yuan-ti empires of the Savarian Jungles worship her alone, and she is closely tied to serpents as a result. She has also adopted many of the monstrous races of the south as her own. Underhanded, devious, deceitful, suspicious and vengeful.

When Mosada first came into being with the coming of men, Savryss was quick to work her charms in a bid for power and is yet married to the Chief God of Men, though she dare not face him. Now she sends her agents against her lawful husabnd in an endless shadow war, tying to undo all of Mosada’s works. She holds a particular hatred for any of his past and present concubines.


MohrlChaotic Evil
Torog Domain
“The Purple”, “The King that Crawls”,“The Wingless”
Lord of the Mohrlgrynn, Master of the Underworld, The Tormentor, The Slaver, The Scorpion.

The Brother of Tobruk, Mohrl shattered the Dwarven race by sundering the very foundation of their society – he betrayed his brother, stole the Dwarven peoples most prized artifact, and cast their society into civil war with his greed, treachery, and envy. Superstition holds that if his name is spoken, the King that Crawls will burrow up from below and drag the hapless speaker underground to an eternity of torment. The Patron of the Mohrlgrynn, the dark dwarves, he is known as the scorpion, the schemer, and the utter antithesis of all things good. Lover of Savryss the Serpent Queen and sworn enemy of Allyntra.

It is said that Morhl and Allyntra wage eternal war against one another, and both steal members of the others people and convert them to their own worship. The Prophecies of the Moirai however, fortell that the two will wed, their war end, and so bring about the downfall of the Gods.


AllyntraChaotic Evil
Lloth Domain
“The Shadow”, “The Many Named”, The Spider.
Treachery, Deceit, Greed, Lies, Envy.
Greater Deity

Third sister to Maelestirith, she took her form and seduced Moradin, begetting twin children Vecna and Iggwilv. She battled Maelestirith when her treachery was discovered, and very nearly defeated her.

She also enticed Tobruk to lead the Dwarven people from the halls of Erackinor, resulting in that races banishment to the mortal world. As a result of her crimes, Moradin banished her into the Underworld after the death of his wife Maelestirith.

Also known as Lloth, Mogheidien.


The Skull FlyEvil
Vecna Domain
“The Shadow”, “The Many Named”, The Spider.
Necromancy, Undeath, Secrets.
Lesser Deity

The Demigod of Secrets, necromancy, and undeath, he is the perversion of nature and arcane magic. Born from the adulteress lust of his mother Allyntra to Moradin himself, Vecna’s very existence is the shame of the Gods of Good. His is the perversion of death itself, and controls that which is never meant to be known.

Vecna’s main foes in the realm of death and undeath are Kas, Orcus and the Raven Queen (though he would rather she rule the dead than Orcus). Among the gods, Nephythus is something of Vecna’s antithesis, for she would bring light to the shadows, exposing his plots, and proving bane to his undead hordes.

It is said that during his rise, Vecna dared visit the Morai, seeking the secrets of death. In return, they demanded from him his eye, his hand, and one of the Tears of Sehanine that fell upon the world when Maelestirith died.

Vecna stole Sehanines Last Tear from Zagranic, and trades it to the Morai along with his eye and hand. In return, he learned the first three secrets of death and so was able to gain mastery over undeath. As he gloated over his newfound powers, he was ravaged by the Three Hags, and was very nearly slain from their savage lusting. From this union, sprung the Gorgons – the Harpies, the Ghouls, Naga, Kraken, etc.

The Moirai

The Three Fates, The Aspects, Death’s Daughters
Chance, Fate,

These beings are the manifestation of necessity, aspects of the very foundation of reality. They were born unto the world from the birth of Death itself. Where Tyrellius holds the will of the Gods in binding contracts, the Moirai are the power that binds everything else together. They are beyond the Gods themselves, living outside their divine structure, despite them having been born of it.

  1. Ehlonna: One of the 3 Fates. The Silver, Daughter of the Moon. The Spinner. Aspect of Sehanine. She weaves the thread of life. Hers is the birth, the making, the first breath.
  2. Kattara: One of the 3 Fates. The Golden, Daughter of the Sun. Aspect of Nephythus. She measures the threads that her sister creates. Hers is the growth, the change, the coming dawn and night.
  3. Interra: One of the 3 Fates. The Mystic Shadow, Daughter of the Night. Aspect of the Raven Queen. She cuts the cords of all things, resetting the cycle to begin anew.

The Demons & Angels

Very much a work in progress.


Orcus is the self proclaimed Prince of the Undead; a fact that Vecna disputes most vehemently. He commands legions of followers, living and dead, and cults dedicated to him are terrifyingly widespread in the natural world. His promise is quick and easy path to power.

He is revered throughout the lost empires of Vaklath and the deep south.

Orcus wants to wrest control of the Shadowfell from the Raven Queen due to his interest in shadow and the plane of its origin, and believes that the key to her defeat lies in her true name. Orcus set Doresain with the task of finding her name, feeling that with it he could unravel her divinity and displace her.


(Graz’zt in disguise)A greater demon prince who often finds himself in league with Savryss and Mohrl. His ink black skin and six fingered hands.Standing nine feet tall, Gazgul appears as a lithe, muscular humanoid. His skin shines like polished obsidian, and his eyes glitter with malevolent green light. He has yellowed fangs, pointed ears, and six slender fingers decorating each hand. He is sometimes described as having six small black horns half-hidden amid his thick black hair. These fiendish traits are apparent, regardless of whatever form Gazgul chooses to take. He is considered the comeliest demon in the Abyss, and dresses in the most expensive and elegant finery on the entire plane.

The Dark Prince is a deeply sexual, erotic being. He is known on many worlds only in legend, as a dark figure who visits witches and sorcerers, granting them sexual favors as well as magical powers. As a result, his female consorts have populated the multiverse with a depraved host of half-fiend children. Some learn of their father’s identity and delve into the Abyss, hoping to usurp his power.

For a time, Gazgul was trapped on the Material Plane by the witch-queen Iggwilv, who used his insight to elevate her own power. Eventually, however, she succumbed to the Dark Prince’s charms, and their story was made infamous by the products of their romance: the vile demigod Iuz and an unnamed child. Gazgul ultimately returned to the Abyss, but rumors abound that he did, in fact, fall in love with his captor.


An angel to some, a nightmare to others, Veldarm was a man once, a strong barabarian chieftan of the Northwall Wilderness tribes. By his own hand, he mustered a great horde of barabarian clans to his banner, and lead them south into the lands of Endorna and beyond. When at last he was slain on the battlefield, it is said that his spirit wrestled the Raven Queen into submission, and with her surrender, Veldarm transcended death to become something less than a God, but more than a man.


(Not in disguise)“The Nicodemian Queen” Matriarch of the Fell, Consort of Gazgul, The Demon Queen.

Iggwilv is said to have two forms, one of which is that of an old crone (said to be her true form), and the other, a human female of dark beauty. In the latter form, Iggwilv has long black hair and pale skin. It is said none who have seen her in her true form still live.
She is the Mother of Vecna by Gazgul.


“The Dracolich”
A powerful Changling who serves Vecna.


Doresain the Ghoul King

- Exarch of Orcus



Exarchs, Aspects and Avatars





Annydwyr Pantheon

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