Character Themes

Character Themes

Themes were introduced in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting and will be adaptedfor use in the Annydwyr Campagins. (Note: The Dark Sun Themes are setting specific, and are not used directley.)

Once you select a theme, it grants you the following benefits:

  1. You automatically gain the themes granted power.
  2. You can choose to take additional theme powers when you reach the appropriate level.
  3. You unlock feats or paragon paths that use the theme as a prerequisite.

All Annydwyr Themes will need to be created from scratch, and players are encouraged to work with each other and the DM in order to propigate the list of possible campaign specific themes.

Choosing a Theme

A character can have only one theme, which you choose when you create your character. The theme you select grants the following benefits.

Starting Feature: Each theme includes one or more features that you gain when you select the theme during character creation.
Additional Features: Most themes offer additional features at levels 5 and 10. You gain an additional feature automatically when you reach the appropriate level—it doesn’t replace any of your class features.
Optional Powers: Most of these themes include a number of utility powers that you add to the ones you can choose from when you reach the appropriate level.

You can use retraining to replace a class power with an optional theme power or vice versa, exchanging one power for another power of the same type (at-will attack, encounter attack, daily attack, or utility). The new power must be of the same level as the old power or lower. You can also replace an optional theme power with a different optional power of the same theme, as long as the new power is the same type and is of the same level or lower.

Background: You can choose to use one of these themes as a background for your character. Each theme’s “Background” sidebar mentions two or more associated skills. If you choose a theme as your background, then you gain a +2 bonus to checks with one of those associated skills, or you add one such skill to your class’s skills list before you choose your trained skills.

Character Themes

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