Coinage and Trade

Coinage and Trade

Barter and trade are still popular forms of currency across much of Annydwyr, but coinage has been rapidly replacing such systems almost universally.

Though the aristocracy has long held to the use of coin, the actual act of loaning money is sacrilege within the Mosadaic Church. When peasants needed to borrow, they use Honour Debt or Wergild, but the Nobles use the Alendverri Guilders.

The prime coin across Annydwyr has become the Kalidorian Crown amongst the wealthy and the aristocracy. Nobles rely on the larger coinage of the Kalidorian Sovereign, while the Guildscript and Guildbar are reserved for the largest purchases and transfers of wealth. The peasantry barters and trades first, and then begrudgingly digs out their Guild Pence and Barter pieces.

The Kalidorian Exchange

Kalidorian Sovereign (KS): Ornate platinum coin
Kalidorian Crown (KC): Ubiquitous gold standard
Kalidorian Copper (Kcp): Penny bearing Queen’s visage
1 KS = 50 KC = 500 Kcp

The Alendverri Exchange

Guildbar (Gb): Small platinum brick (1000 KC)
Guildscript (Gs): Large velum script (100 KC)
Guildmark (Gm): Small papyrus script (20 KC)
Guildcoin (Gc): Large gold coin (5 KC)
Guildpence (Gp): Large silver coin (1/2 KC)
Barter Piece (Bp): Small copper coin (1/2 Kcp)
1 Gb = 10 Gs = 50 Gm = 200 Gc = 2000 Gp = 20,000 Bp

The Valencian Exchange

Valencian Trade Writ (Tw): State-sanctioned promissory note, requires Primogen seal, value varies.
Valencian Pento (Vp): Small pentagonal platinum coin (5 KC)
Valencian Quatro (Vq): Small square gold coin (5 Kcp)
Valencian Triko (Vt): small triangular silver coin (1/2 Kcp)
1 Vp = 10 Vq = 100 Vt

Coinage and Trade

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