Dwarven Cosmology

The Dwarven Folk; a Brief Overview & Cosmology:

Among one of the first original mortal races of Annydywr, the dwarven clans once ruled over much of Annydwyr, being rivaled only by the Seldarine folk of Illyd’Athyl.

The dwarven scriptures hold that Tobruk, the champion of Moradin and Patron of the Dwarven Folk lead the dwarven people from the Forges of Creation deep within Erackinor and introduced them to the world beyond the Underhalls of Moradin. In so doing, the tales say that Moradin grew furious with his Chosen Patron, banishing Tobruk and those that followed him from the Underhalls of Erackinor, closing the Gates of the Mountain behind them and forever more sealing the folk from their Godshome. Thus were dwarven people cursed with an unquenchable lust and insatiable desire to delve the earth for eternity in effort to try and regain access to the Gates of Erackinor.

Yet, Tobruk had learned the craft of harnessing the earthly elements from Moradin himself, and he taught his brothers the craft of infusing these natural manifestations of power into their mighty works of the forge.
A Legendary Binding Anvil
Tobruk then commanded a great Holdfast be built within the highest peak of the Deymourne Mountains, and at it’s center was built the first Temple of Moradin. Upon an anvil shaped altar carved from the first shard of stone to be worked by Dwarven hands, Tobruk placed a platinum crafted chalice encrusted with the purest gems of the earth, and infused it with all four earthly elements before filling it with his own blood. Thus the holy connection to Moradins Forge was remade, and the foundation of the dwarven religion was founded.

Eventually, the Dwarven skill of making and binding was such that they were able to create such wonders that mimicked sentient life, and the first constructs came into being. The constructs they created and infused with elemental power served the people well for generations, and the Dwarven society was at its height. It would not last however.

The Rise of the Mohrlgrynn and the Second Banishment:

Mohrl, the brother of Tobruk and ever his second, served faithfully and well for generations, and his creations are legendary. Despite his contributions to his people, Mohrl desired that which Tobruk had, and blamed his brother for their banishment from Erackinor. Harboring his dark desires in secret for many long years, Mohrl slowly began assembling his own loyal followers, and eventually rose up against his brother and his people.

A mighty civil war broke out amongst the People of the Mountain, and the Underhall was torn asunder with bloodshed and strife for years.

At length, Mohrl and his followers gained access to the Hearts Temple, and took the Sacred Chalice of Tobruk from the Hearthstone Altar. With that act, the dwarven race was shattered and their unity sundered. The loyalist of Mohrl followed him into the deepest halls of the Undermountain, and the Sacred Chalice of Tobruk has never been recovered.

The Tobrukla held to the Faith, and maintained the virtues which Tobruk had taught them over the centuries, while the dark and twisted Mohrlgrynn, the Breakers of the Mountain Covenant, nursed their greed in dark halls and coveted the powers of the earth for their own ends. Some say the Mohrlgrynn consort with demons, and dance with the spiders of Moghedien deep below the surface of the earth, and that one day, they will rise up from the depths of the earth, and lay the Chalice of Tobruk upon the very peak of the world, and thence claim Moradins throne for their own.

After all this time the only thing the two races hold in common is their innate hatred of faeries and their insatiable desire to delve the earth to return to the Gates of Erackinor.

Dwarven Cosmology

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