Most languages have a written alphabet, but the literacy rate is dependent chiefly upon an individual’s social rank. The vast majority of people in Annydwyr are totally illiterate. There is no “Common” tongue in Annydwyr that everyone speaks, though Kheltyran might come close.

Humanic Tongues

Kheltyran (English)

Dominant language throughout the Glaren Empire, the Kingdom of Kalidor, and much of the ’civilized" world. One of the more prominent tongues, it has many dialects and several derivative languages. A personal fluent in Kheltyran can loosely understand the various regional dialects, but may have trouble interpreting some of the derivative tongues.

Cylwranic (Cogney English/Welsh)

A derivative tongue of Kheltyran, Cylwranic is heavily spoken throughout Annydwyr. It is spoken in western Agladarn, but is more common in the Shires of Kalidor, and throughout Endorna. The language is heavily influenced by regional dialects, and thus a Kalidorian Shireman would have difficulty understanding a northern Endorian, though they are speaking the same tongue.

Valglaren (Latin)

Also known as “The High Tongue” and the “Holy Tongue,” Valglaren is the official tongue of the Mosadaic Church, and is heavily used by academics and other religious institutions. It is held to be the “tongue of the Gods” and its’ use is jealously guarded by the learned and devout, and is not taught to the common masses. It’s heavy use during religious gatherings has enabled many people capable of speaking a small amount in fluent Valtyran. Few have any concept of what the words mean however, simply having memorized common hymns, passages and verses.

It is generally considered sacrilegious to add, alter, or in anyway ‘deface’ the language, and as such, it has remained unchanged since it was first spoken by mortal man. It is an extremely difficult tongue to learn, and its’ written form is nearly indecipherable to those not fluent in the tongue.

Tarakesh (Arabic)

This tongue is isolated to the Sand Empires of Nicodemia, Israda, Harad and the various tribes and clans of the surrounding steppes and deserts.

Vorishnikan (Russian)

This tongue is spoken chiefly by the various northern barbarian clans and the Vorishnikan gypsies of central Annydwyr. The Northern Barbarian Tribes have little use for a written form, and tend to use simple runes & pictographs for transcription which have no relation or bearing upon the spoken language.

Madrillian (Spanish)

The tribal tongue of the Madrillian Clans that would later found Valencia, it is a fast paced and rolling tongue. It is common throughout Annydwyr due to the widespread colonies Valencian sailors have founded over the centuries, but is most abundant in Valencia itself and throughout the pirate clans of the Mandrayle Seas.

Auvillier (French)

This tongue is a derivitative of a union between Elythaerin and Kheltyran, and is used by the half elves of the realm of Auvillier (from which the language gets its name). It is also found throughout Annydwyr in isolated colonies founded by the Auvillier sailors.

Demihuman Tongues

Uruklan (Goblinoid)

The racial tongue of the Uruk, who fall under the dominion of the God King of Mardurak. It is a harsh and guttural tongue, and though it may be spoken by the other races, typically only the Tobrukla are able to speak it fluently without being heavily accented and broken. Some of the sounds cannot be properly mimicked by non-uruk, and as such, true fluency can never really be attained. It is a foul language to hear, and its written form reflects this admirably. It is a sloppy, jagged, and ‘hard’ form of script, consisting of many rune like pictographs and ideographs.

Imprada (Githzerai)

The form of the Malden tongue, Imprada is widely used among the Githzerai of the inner cities of Kalidor. It is their ancestral tongue, but it’s use has been largely forgotten since the race was enslaved and it’s usage outlawed in Kalidor, and it’s written form has been entirely lost. It is a bouncy, fast paced, slang ridden tongue, which also makes use of facial features and hand expressions to emphasize various meanings. The language doubtless bears little resemblance to it’s original form.

Khazad-Dhuul (Dwarves)[KAZAD-DOOL]

The racial tongue of the Tobrukla. Khazad-Dhuul is nearly as harsh to the ears as Uruklan, but is far less foul. It is a string and stout language, which reflects the cultural heritage of the Tobrukla. It is a difficult language for non Tobrukla to master, and is subject to the same, thick, heavy accenting as Madruka is to non oruk speakers. To further complicate the tongue, many descriptives, verbs and adjectives are frequently shortened or condensed in every day speech. It is mainly written in ‘true’ or ‘formal’ Khazad-Dhuul, and the characters are strong and bold in design. It’s symbols are squared to allow ease of engraving into hard surfaces.

Atunassi (Halflings)

The traditional language of the small but fierce Mitaani. Atunassi consists of many sounds which might be construed as ‘animalistic’ in nature. Indeed, listeners can easily detect sounds which resemble a wolf’s growl, or an eagle screech. There is no written form of the language, but rather symbols, designs, and pictograms are used whose meaning is generally understood by the Mitaani people.

Endillier (Gnomes)

This is the ancestral tongue of the Guilders. It is has evolved into a very complex and highly detailed language, both in written and spoken forms. It is relatively easy for non guilders to form the sounds of the language, but it is the shear number of descriptives and the languages innate precision which causes most of the other races difficulty. It is commonly said that Endillier has a thousand different terms for the word “up”. It is rarely employed by any other race, but is the official language of the Alendvera Guild and all Guild contracts and transactions are written in this tongue.

Elythaerin (Elvish)[Elith-air-in]

This tongue of the Elves and Eladrin of Illyd’Athyl and is also used throughout the high court’s of the Kingdom of Auvillier. Its written form is extremely artistic and employs flowing lines and swirls. Rellanic, though a delight to the ears, has never grown in common popularity, and is rarely found outside the borders of the Elven woods.


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