The Seldarine Cosmology

The Seldarine Cosmology, a Brief Overview:

The Seldarine, the true name of the elder fae and Elven races, believe their people were born from a union of the four elements and invested with the spark of life by a single drop of Maelestirith’s own blood.

The Seldarine clans once ruled over much of Annydwyr, being rivaled only by the Dwaerlinga, the Children of Moradin, and Maelestirith’s husband. The two races dwelt beside one another in peace for countless generations.

Allyntra, desiring a mortal race of her own, took the form of her sister Maelestirith, and seduced Moradin, begetting a pair of twin children, Igwillv and Vecna. She then enticed Tobruk, Moradins’ brother, to lead the Dwarven folk from the halls of Erackinor, which would see the dwarves cast from the Godshome Mountain forevermore.Zion sml

Faeries have long served the
Emerald Court as messengers and spies.

When Maelestirith discovered that her sister had betrayed her, she was furious and the two did battle. Upon the slopes of the world, Maelestirith was nearly defeated, but rather than allow her power to be usurped by her traitorous sister, Maelestirith ground her powers into the earth itself. Moradin, wrought with despair, cursed Allyntra and banished her and all she had wrought from the heavens, naming her Moghedien the dwarven word for Spider, and for ever after was she forced to dwell in darkness and shadow. Enraged with despair over the loss of his love, Moradin smote the earth with his hammer, shattering the lands and sundering it three times over. Thus were the Three Veils created.

The Seldarine people themselves were torn asunder as Moradin’s Hammer fell. Some where swept away with the creation of the First Veil, the Feywild, and became the Eladrin Folk, and became filled with a wild malevolence. Others were hurled through the Third Veil, into the bleak and dreary darkness of the Shadowfell, and became the Drow Folk – embittered, foul and filled with hatred. Those that remained, looked up towards the First Veil, The Heavens, in grief and despair, realising now that they were utterly alone. The Divine Grace had been torn from them, and they were evermore embued with a forlorn and fatalistic grace.

Over the next century, the mortal earth would begin to awaken, the power of Maelestirith gradually taking root in the earth and empowering the land with her Godly essence, and as Her chosen children, the Seldarine would inherit mastery over this eldritch primal power.

At length, Iggwilv, helped Mohrl, the Brother of Tobruk, steal the Chalice of Moradin from the Heartstone Temple, and the Seldarine were ever after looked upon with disdain by the Dwarven folk, even as the elves cursed the Dwarven Father for sundering the world itself. The seeds of hatred had been planted upon the mortal world, and forever after would it dominate and dictate the worlds destiny.

The Seldarine Cosmology

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