Kingdom of Endorna

The Endornan Highlands

Geographical name by which everyone refers to the area. Officially a confederation of baronies, originally united in opposition to Kalidor repression. The Kingdom is comprised of several loosley allied Baronys, each of which pays lip service to the “King” of Endorna. It is a largely wild and untapped wilderness, held together only by the strength of each barons knights in an archaic feudal structure. The cities of Endorna are unlike most human realms, being little more than collections of shanties, peasant hovels, and markets that have grown around the various holds (most being simple Motte & Ballies) of the ruling feudal lord.

The Baronies of Endorna

◊ Estelmere
•The ruling family has been lost for many years, and the Barony of Estelmere is held only in name by the ailing Baron Kierkenwald in Exile from his manor in Mirhaven.

◊ Sontayne
•The rival of Baron Kierkenwald, and one of the strongest knight-lords, the Baron Sontayne manipulates events and politics for his own ends, and longs to claim the Estelmere lands as his own.

◊ Islemarne

◊ Duivenvoorde

◊ Groeneveld

◊ Leofer

◊ Varangia

◊ Caergwynn

Kingdom of Endorna

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