Members of the Foot

Episode #7 Miscellany
Jan 24, 2010 – 8:11PM

Members of the Foot

1) Counter Pennylots, the Keykeep of Erindol Hold; Warehouse of the Sea Spider, Malic Erindol. Middle aged human midget, covered in chains attached to cannonballs to keep him from running off with a massive key ring necklace (He has a key for every lock within Malic’s Hold). Skilled administrator, accountant and language interpreter.

2) Trant Gahlvere: Self proclaimed “leader” of the foot. A true boob if ever there was one.

3) Nardred Guinire: He’s the one that leapt onto Counter’s chest to fill his pockets.

4) Moragis Garistam: Talks like John Wayne. The real “hero” of the Foot. He protected Egas by throwing himself in front of the old man when the swords came out. He is content to let Trant lead the group.

5) Bedeane Ectailys: A man of little words.

6) Blears Ectailys: The mouthpiece of the brothers grimm. Blears is the one that makes the decisions and Bedeane follows him almost mindlessly.

7) Sleepy Gaurd: This is the gaurd of Malic that fell asleep from Egas’ spell. He awakes and swears his allegiance to you all.

8) Captain Chicken Heart: He’s the one that gave up when he say Malic running away.

You guys can create additional characters as desired to fill the gaps in your “operations” within Nephythia, and can rename Sleepy Guard & Captain CHicken Heart as required (or run them through if you prefer).

IN addition to these fellows, you also gained:

1) The Soul Martyr: The ship of Mendican that the Foot stole for you as a sign of their worth.
2) The Four Ships: You have the “pink slips” to 4 ships owned by Malic, though you haven’t seen them yet.
3) Malic Erindols Warehouse

Do you claim the Pod Plant Warehouse or let it go unattended?

Members of the Foot

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